Built Green

Our Energy Efficient Commitment

We founded our company on the belief in the benefits of energy efficient housing,
and we back up that with a commitment of building homes with a
minimum EnerGuide rating of 83*

Like estimating gas mileage on a vehicle, an Energuide Rating shows home buyers how much energy their home is expected to use, helping them to choose a more energy efficient home. We have spent a lot of time researching our construction methods and have come up with a system that we believe has the best combination of effectiveness and affordability. We build all our homes to be Solar Energy Ready in order to provide the opportunity for additional energy savings in the future and also offer further options for increasing your EnerGuide rating.**

For home construction, every one point on the EnerGuide scale reduces your home’s energy consumption by 3-5%. An Evergreen Home with a minimum Energuide 83 rating can reduce your annual energy consumption 25% or more, providing significant monthly savings. With the uncertainty of rising fuel costs additional future savings can be expected. When you calculate your monthly mortgage costs against your savings on energy consumption, your monthly payments will be lower.

Evergreen Homes is a sustainable builder. We recycle building materials and practice waste reduction.

*Changes to some features in an Evergreen Homes could result in a lower Energuide rating.
**Dependent on Development