Construction Products

We build certified green and super green (Yukon Housing Accreditation), energy efficient homes with proven success. All our homes have an air tight, super thick building envelope, high end HRV (heat recovery ventilator) systems and top of the line windows and doors, all so that we can heat our homes for hundreds of dollars cheaper than most other homes, and we have the heating bills to prove it!

Our standard is R40 wall insulation system with reduced thermal bridging techniques, and an R70 roof insulation system involving a blow-in cellulose based product made from recycled newspaper. This insulation has a high density, which dramatically reduces air leakage, controlling air and moisture infiltration. Also, it has organic fibres, which are far less susceptible to convective and radiative heat loss and therefore perform better in keeping our homes both warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

We only use Low ‘E’ glass, Argon filled, triple pane windows. The inner pane of glass is coated with a thin invisible metallic film – this allows sunlight to enter through the glass, but slows heat leaving and combined with Argon gas creates a seal where heat cannot escape making our windows heat gains instead of heat sinks.

In our condos and townhomes our sound proofing systems are far ahead of Industry standards. It may surprise people to find out that there are no standards for sound proofing anywhere in the north. So we set our own standards using the latest technology to create the highest quality of sound proofing possible. While significantly thickening our walls, it creates the most superior sound proofing available, allowing our buyers to have all of the benefits of a shared wall and none of the negatives. Drop by our sales office to view a sample of our wall systems!

While wood is a necessity of home construction, we use lumber from companies that are engaged in sustainable harvesting practices. We also use non-toxic paints and insulation and we are constantly on the look out for new products that have no harm to the environment in its full life cycle; its creation, use and destruction.

We have assembled a team of highly gifted professionals that have a great deal of pride in their craftsmanship. When dealing with expensive granite, hard wood floors, and many other high quality materials, only the best will do. Their skill is evident in all of our homes – come and see one today!