Design Process


– Building orientation
– Construction design
– Insulation Levels, standard R40 walls & R70 roof
– Air sealing
– Heat loss resistance
– Window/door efficiency
– Heating & Ventilation systems


– Lower utility bills
– Higher resale value
– More comfortable to live in
– Improved air quality
– Lower maintenance costs
– Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
– Reduced air leaks and drafts



– Evaluate plans using computer software to determine estimated energy usage
– Provide options to increase efficiency
– After construction verifies the energy performance of the house
– Perform a blower door test to measure air tightness.
– Provide an EnerGuide certification to be installed on your electrical panel



A designation from Yukon Housing based on a buildings energy usage and air tightness. To achieve SuperGreen (EnerGuide 85+) or Certified Green (Energuide 82+) the ventilation system must be designed, balanced and verified by a certified Ventilation Advisor. When the independent Energy Advisor performs a blower doors test (a measure of the homes air tightness) the air leakage rate must be max 1.5ach.


Our design process is incredibly detailed and collaborative. We have a gifted team of in-house designers and planners that work closely with professional consultants and our experienced builders to develop concepts that are efficient, highly functional and stunningly beautiful.

While creating gorgeous, high quality designs is a key consideration of ours, it’s extremely important to us that we do so sustainably and this begins at the design stage. We see the key to being sustainable is in the details. We painstakingly research and consult experts in their fields to fine the latest techniques, materials and technologies to deliver quality and incredibly sustainable homes.

We are also constantly consulting with the public, future buyers, and past buyers in order to design homes that are in touch with the ever-changing demands of the market and that fit into the vision and style of the communities that we build in. Then, once you decide to purchase an Evergreen Home, you become part of the design process, selecting your materials and colours, thereby making your home uniquely you!