Site Plan

Central Park Masterplan Phase 2 (with addresses and Model Type)

“We had a vision of building a community in a forest, enveloping each home in green space, so that when you look outside all you would see is trees.”


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We created an innovative L.I.D. (Low Impact Development) site plan, that kept the density low in order to retain a significant amount of vegetation throughout the site, including a large central park which all homes face. We have also been able to retain vegetation along the backs of the homes in the two green belts on either side of the community. The resulting is that every home will face green space. All units have their own backyards, which have great potential for interesting decking and landscaping and with our large contemporary privacy fences they will have a very intimate and private feel.

  • Entire community is enveloped in forest.

  • All buildings oriented towards green space.

  • Retention of a significant amount of existing vegetation.

  • (LID) Low Impact Site Development Principles.

  • Unique landscape plan for privacy and aesthetics.

  • Close proximity to amenities. E.g. trails, schools, sports facilities and more.


Our landscape plan has been designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The landscaping will break up the driveways, screening parked cars and giving more privacy. The landscaping will also capture rainwater runoff from roofs and use it for irrigation as well as filtering and cleaning it. Use of a mixture of coniferous trees will extend the central park forest across the road, offer four season interest and provide better screening, while deciduous trees and shrubs will provide more colour and texture.